Wodden Floorings

If you are looking for a change, a new orientation, to make your rooms different from others, here is Gomma Wood setting new trends in Wooden Flooring. With our high quality and unique finish of Wooden Flooring, we help you to make your dream home a reality. The first impression is the best impression and we are here to guarantee that best impression for ever. Our Wooden Flooring helps in creating an impact as you enter any room.

Wooden Flooring is the king of floorings for its enduring qualities and timeless appeal. It has its own elegance and is incredibly beautiful, highly durable, flexible and extremely affordable. And as always, they are natural and safe for the environment. We offer the largest selection of colours and styles in Wooden Flooring. We provide different options like Burma Teak, Malabar Teak, Merbau, White Ash and many more species in Wooden Flooring. Apart from that we offer another 20 vibrant shades in Rubber Wood.

Regular care of your Wooden Flooring is simple and practical, and involves merely vacuuming and wiping your floor with a damp cloth. You need to attach felt pads to the bottom of your furniture to avoid scratches while rearranging the furniture. And bear in mind, any spilt liquid should immediately be wiped off from the floor. We are proud to say that we use Bona coatings and Bona machines for flooring. Bona has been a trusted name in wooden floor treatment and installation for last 90 years.

We are here to offer affordable luxury for active lifestyles. Our team is on hand to offer any advice or solve queries you may have about your flooring. We provide products for the installation, maintenance and renovation of wooden floors throughout their lifetime.

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