Skin Doors

"Gomma Wood Doors offers unlimited styles and options to fit all your door needs."

Gomma wood proudly presents superior quality skin Doors with 7 designs imported from Masoite, the world's finest moulded panel door manufacturers. Classic Designs make them beautifully appropriate in homes that are more traditional in their architecture.

Our goal is to provide custom doors and products built to meet your specifications, schedule and budget. We promise to maintain impeccable workmanship, superior strength, durability and beauty that will last a lifetime.

We back our state-of-the art manufacturing technigues with great attention to details, exceptional customer service and Warranty.


Width 600mm to 1065mm
Length 1900mm to 2145mm
Inner Core Treated & Seasoned Rubber Wood
Finish White Primer (Teak, Wenga, Sapheli)
Skins Masonite

2 Panel Textured (D-03)

2 Panel Horizon (D-04)

3 Panel White Mirror (D-05)

4 Panel Textured (D-06)

6 Panel Textured (D-07)